God Sees the Truth, but Waits

1. How do you normally react when you are wrongly accused?

2. Do you think waiting is a wise action?

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20 Responses to God Sees the Truth, but Waits

  1. Yoane Meilin (11411001) says:

    1. Many people will say if that the wrong statement, or maybe people will say that’s a slander. And I think,I will do the same thing. And maybe I will ask he or she who is wrongly accused me, how do they know if I’am do that thing? or I will ask From whom he or she get that wrong information?

    2. In my opinion waiting is a wise action, because I think if we are too soon take an action it will be give us a bad result. If we are waiting we can think what should we do. But we can’t always waiting, because in some cases we must take the best choice in the limited time.

  2. jessica gunawan 11411002 says:

    1. Maybe, I’ll angry because I don’t do anything that makes someone fall in bad situation.
    2. No, I don’t. I think, waiting is the only one choice after we do something and we want to know what is the respond from the other.

  3. 1. It’s a hard question, and yet embarrassing. because when someone wrongly accuses me, i usually become emotionally enrage and can’t stand it. but, after a few minutes, i regain my thoughts and try to thing clearly and try to discuss and explain the problem.

    2. Waiting is a good idea, but it’s painful i think. But it will make us regain thoughts and emotions stabled. I think choosing the timing right or opportunity to set things right is the best option.

  4. Magdalena Rolanda (11411019) says:

    1. I will try to defend myself by telling and explaining the truth. But, if the person who accused me doesn’t believe me or doesn’t want to believe me, surely I will cry and I can only ask for God’s help to reveal the truth (surrender).

    2. For me waiting is a wise action, because sooner or later the truth would be revealed.

  5. 1. My reaction will be angry with the person who accused me wrongly, then I try to explain what happens in the reality. If it is still not accepted, I will sue the person to the court. Apart from it, I will surely pray to my heavenly Father to help me find the way out of this problem.
    2. If there is no choice, we’d better wait.

  6. Rachel Kurniawan - 11411007 says:

    1. The first thing, i will ask explanation to someone who accused me and he or she should give me evidences that shows if i am wrong. and after that, i will explain that i am not guilty.

    2. Yes. i have experienced that waiting is a wise action. and i am sure that if i do good things, i will just need to wait and pray. because God will not keep silent until someday, He will definitely make the truth reveal.

  7. Euodia 11411008 says:

    1. I don’t really know what I will react when it happens. Perhaps I will try to defense myself, but when there’s no use to defense myself, I’ll just let it be. Because there’s nothing else I can do but give it up to the God

    2. For some reason, waiting is a good thing to do. In my opinion, waiting is a good thing because you can think again about all your action after that and you can take so many decisions to make yourself better. But sometimes, waiting is bad because sometimes it can give you pressures on your heart and it will affect your feeling to become worse. Anyway, waiting is the matter of decision of action, whether it’s in the past or in the future.

  8. devina - 11411017 says:

    1. of course i will be angry with the person who wrongly accused me. and then i ask for the proof to him/her

    2. in my opinion waiting for such a long period is not a wise decision because it will make the person got depressed and make him/her didn’t open a new life. he/she will be only focused on waiting

  9. Pamela - 114.11.014 says:

    1. of course i’ll rebel because i’m not wrong..and i’ll try to show the prove that i’m not wrongand if it still can’t release me, i’ll ask help from my mom or someone who close to me.. 🙂

    2. yes.. because with waiting, we can make something better, like doing things that you couldn’t do before..

  10. felicia regina prayogo (11411021) says:

    1. My reaction if someone were to falsely accuse me .. I’ll give an explanation to the person so that person know the problem and no one else in the accused.

    2. in my opinion, waiting is a wise move. but it depends on our own understanding and the understanding of many people.

    felicia regina p (11411021)

  11. pauline-11411003 says:

    1. How do you normally react when you are wrongly accused?

    2. Do you think waiting is a wise action?
    1.Of course it will be so embarrassing for me. But I still should be gentle to apologize because wrongly accused, and it will be an important lesson for me to think twice before I accused someone 🙂

    2. Depends on what I am waiting for. If I have to waiting something or someone that give me certainly answer,I’ll wait for it. But if it isn’t its much better for me to leave than waste my time for nothing.

  12. pauline-11411003 says:

    sorry, Im forget to give the conclusion for number two. So, it is wise to waiting to show your aim and also your loyalty.

  13. Venny Angelina Handoko (11411022) says:

    1. Maybe, my first action is that I will ask politely about clarification from her or him, and then I will ask him or her to give me the reason and proof about my mistake. If I think the proof from her or him not really clear or resolute, of course i will give explanation about myself which is not guilty for their accusation.

    2. From my experience, waiting is a wise action, although sometimes i think waiting make me bored, but from waiting I learn to be more patient and try to be a better person. Eventhough, I don’t know whether which i wait will give me a good or bad result.

  14. eveline 11411010 says:

    1.Of course I will defend myself and try hard to prove my innocence. But, if it’s not possible, may be i just surrender by God’s will.I believe that God sees the truth
    2. Yes,i think waiting is a wise action, because waiting can teach us to be more patient. Sometimes God doesn’t directly answer our prayers, God wants to train us to be a better person.

  15. Adrian Darmasaputra (11411018) says:

    1. well, i usually panic at first, because i don’t really know what’s going on, i usually try to explain first, ask him why he’s accusing me. if all fail, then i’d get pissed, and try to deny every accusation he has strongly and then walk away. because i don’t like making a scene, i’d just pretend that he doesn’t exist.

    2. yes, i think waiting is a wise action. because we have to wait till he calms down to be able to solve the problem peacefully. try to talk to him, tell my defense and then make he comes to his senses. it usually works for people who think with their head not their knee. i have some experience dealing with this problem, some i manage to save our friendship, and some i never talked to ever since.

  16. serafine - 11411009 says:

    1. of course i don’t like it and it makes me feel dissapointed. But i can’t do nothing. i just can prove that i’m not wrong and if the people who accuse me don’t believe me anymore, i just can be pattient and wait for the truth.

    2. i think it depends in what we are waiting for. sometimes it’s good but sometimes it’s not really good.

  17. Bramantyo Januar P.W 11411011 says:

    1. I won’t be panic and i will give the proof about my innocence, but i’ll use sharp words to give a counter attack to my accuser in a calm way. But if i’m in the position like Aksionov where i can’t give any proof, i’ll just let God judge me. But i’ll keep deny the accusation because i’m not guilty.

    2. Sometimes yes, depends on the situation. But for me personally, i dont like waiting.

  18. F. Vina Esterina 11411020 says:

    1. First, I will try to calm down myself. Then, I will try to calm down the person who has wrongly accused on me. After that, I will explain what was really happened. If the person still doesn’t believe me, I will give him/her some proof.

    2. In my opinion, it depends on what kind of thing we are waiting for. Sometimes waiting can be a wise decision but there are also many situations that don’t give us time to wait.

  19. 1. of course I will do my best, my intelligence and ability to defend myself from the person who wrongly accused me because I have the right to do it and I never want to be in prison for the thing that I never did…. I will be brave and pray to God to help me in revealing the truth.
    2.If that’s the only thing that is available for my part I have no choice but to wait until I succeed but I’M NOT saying I WOULD GIVE UP in fighting for my right…… I PUT ALL TO GOD

  20. Yousevin 11411005 says:

    1. As a human in the beginning i must be angry, dissappointed and i might be reverenge to the person. But i realize, as a christian i have been taught i must be able to forgive. And then, i will pray to give my problem to God, because i know that God give punishment as aqual as the person did, and God will reveal all the truth.

    2. Depend on the purpose of it’s waiting. If it’s waiting for something good, i think it is a wise action. For example, when we want to be success in our life and try from the beginning and work hard and then we are waiting to get the good result, i think it’s a wise action. In the other hand, if we want to be success but we don’t try and work hard, we are just waiting and waiting and hoping the success will come right away, i think that kind of waiting is wrong and not wise.

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